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Gateway Tire & Service Center offers a large selection of competitively priced ATV tires. Visit your nearest location today to upgrade your ATV with some of the best all-terrain vehicle tires available. 

We proudly serve areas of Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and Ohio.

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Am I Using the Best ATV Tires?

Your ability to get through tough terrain and get more fun out of your outdoor adventures depends largely on what ATV tires you install. Your all-terrain vehicle can scale mountains, cross creek beds, and tread through deep mud holes, but only with the right tires. So how do you choose replacements?

Tips on Choosing the Right ATV Tire

  • Choose a tire designed for the type of environment you ride your ATV
    • ATV tires are designed with different tread patterns that perform better on certain types of terrain; this is the starting point in determining what replacement tires you need.
  • Find a tire with the correct fitment for your ATV; replacement tires should closely follow your manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Consider the ply rating of your current ATV tires; A ply rating identifies the weight capacity of the tire. Some tire manufacturers state the ply rating on the tire and others use a star system. Check with your tire manufacturer to learn more about your ply rating. You may want a tire with a greater rating depending on how you ride.

Our ATV tires come in various shapes and sizes and serve a multitude of purposes. We keep our prices competitive. Whatever ATV your ride – we invite you to visit us. Whether you need mud, trail, radial, or racing ATV tires, our comprehensive and affordable selection of name brand tires is sure to have the perfect fit for your sport or utility ATV.

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Our staff is handpicked to provide the best ATV tires based upon your experience level and the price you can afford. Just let us know what type of all-terrain vehicle you have and what you plan on doing with your ATV. We will provide the best tire at a great price.

For more information regarding all our ATV tires for sale, please contact us online or give us a call. Our friendly staff is here to help you with all of your questions and concerns.

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